206 Peak Air Flow

Would like to definitively answer a question, if possible. Is there a demonstrable difference ( dyno or lap time ) between a standard throttle cable installation ie using the idle screw to set idle speed vs the cable installation that requires adjusting idle with a cable stop allowing backing the idle screw out of the carb venturi ? Don’t wish to ignore an advantage, just not able to discern a difference myself. Thanks for your consideration.

It’s about .05 on the digital manometer…

Sometimes the air screw is used to make minor ratio adjustments across the range. Although it’s primarily for idle, it does have a small impact on the fuel curve. It’s a very nuanced thing though.

/edit I misread your question but I’ll leave my response up anyway since there a little overlap in the topic.

Air bleed is way more important than worrying about the idle screw… Air filter position makes a bigger difference, too.

Neither of those flow improvements translate on the dyno, tho.

Would you care to elaborate on that ideal filter position ? :grinning:

Each ones a little different. Gotta put it on a flow bench or comparator.

I’m too lazy to do it 99.95% of the time. That’s how much it matters when it comes to dyno and even less for lap times. :grin:

Thanks for the reply !