206 Temperature sensor, where to place?

Just wondering where the most useful place is to place the temp sensor for my Mychron5s? Head or exhaust?

There are two different cables, a EGT (exhaust Gas Temp) and CHT (cylinder Head temp) I believe the 5s still requires different cables for each ie they are not interchangeable so you would have to get one or both depending on what you want. I haven’t had any experience on the 5s so please correct me if im wrong.

What engine? EGT is more useful overall.

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B&S 206. EGT = engine temp?

LO206 rules do not allow you to remove washer under the spark plug. So adding sensor results in slight compression decrease. I do not know if they allow mod to the exhaust. You might check your rules in case what your looking to do is not legal. Briggs Racing has the engine rules on their site

Don’t worry about temp on a 206.

But for reference, EGT is exhaust gas temp.

Egt is Exhaust Gas Temperature, ie the temperature of the gasses coming out of your exhaust.

The CHT is for the cylinder and measures head temp inside of it, Briggs is really tight on rules so I don’t think you can do either as it wouldn’t be legal.

If you really wanted you could have a exhaust with a place for the EGT to screw into (typically 100mm from were the exhaust touches the cylinder head) however the Briggs exhaust is curved downward so I don’t know if it would be accurate. And then you could have another one that’s race legal.

I don’t think there would be a work around for a CHT sensor which wouldn’t result in the engine being permanently illegal due to modifications.

Since you’re running a 206, CHT (Cylinder Head Temp) is what you could run. It’s not super critical though, and it’s unlikely you’ll find a need for it unless you’re running in EXTREME conditions like winter or scorched earth summer. There is an ideal temp range (The number escapes me) but it is a very broad range.

I think someone mentioned already, but the CHT sensor goes between the spark plug and culinder head. ie the spark plug screw though it.,


So do you think that would be legal, @KartingIsLife ?
I understand it not being critical on a 206, but I have a Micron5s, so I gotta use it, right? :wink:

And if you haven’t been to California recently, the scorched earth metaphor applies!

It’s legal if you leave the washer on the plug.

But, no, you don’t have to use it because you got it. It’s more beneficial for the plug to take up room inside the combustion chamber.

Really? Just that little sliver of a washer on the spark plug would affect the compression? (I’m assuming that’s what you meant)

Ha ha, I know I don’t have to use the temp sensor. But I paid for it, it’s a feature, makes sense to make use of it somehow, don’t it? :wink:

It literally makes no sense to use it, but you do you, man.

When I bought my lo206 I asked the guys what I should do with the Mychron coil for the plug. Was told not to bother on lo.

The question is “Is the data valuable enough to justify the possible loss in performance?”. For 99.9% of 206 drivers, it is not. Even if you had a years worth of CHT data. Is it accurate enough to tune from (the answer is “no”)? Would you know what to do with the numbers, assuming they were accurate and precise enough? Do you have a dyno and or weather station to back up your thoughts?

This is why no one runs it. Set the carb where your builder tells you to, focus on driving and chassis tuning.

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Okay…I get it…not worth it. I have Scottish heritage, so, thrifty. :grin:

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