215 chain and sprockets?

Curious to get everyone’s thoughts. When is 215 better than 219?

Judging from the clutch in the picture I’m guessing the idea is a slightly wider pitch vs 219 for four stroke applications.

I’m finding it hard to think of a reason of why it’s worth the trouble of running (At least in the US, looks like a European store) when 35 is so common.

Higher pitch gives more granularity of adjustment so 219 has become the staple for two stroke single gear karts.

How much granularity you need for a four stroke is debatable. Some people run 35, others 219. Its personal preference really, but 35 can be cheaper.

I suppose the daft answer is… when you are using 215 sprockets.
215 chain would seem to be a finer pitch, narrower, lighter, stronger,chain compared with 219. Existing applications mainly in camshaft drives in motorcycle engines.
The only karting application I have found so far is on a 60 cc. TM mini engine (drive chain) as in the advert.
Now there may or may not be some miniscule advantage in using this chain, however, since we have perfectly adequate drive systems in 219/35 any change to 215 would be an unnecessary expense and should be resisted / ignored by the karting community.imo!