'22 MGM Espionage

Location: East Lansing Kart Track, MI

Details: I’m headed to college and can’t justify keeping my setup around anymore. It has about 2 years of track time doing a regular 12-race season at East Lansing Kart Track. It’s a beautiful kart that was super easy to work with, the nose spun on a dime and it was stalwart through every phase of the corner. I was chasing some alignment issues near the end, I think there’s a slight bend in a toe link or the steering column somewhere. It’s got an XL Greyhound sprint seat and a hard 40mm cause I’m a big boy and ran masters but I know Seinor guys that feast in these things so she can accommodate any size driver.


  • Mychron 5S2T w/egt & cht hookups (battery and charger included)

  • XL Greyhound Sprint Seat

  • 40mm hard rear axle

  • Torsion bar

  • OTK 25mm spindles (I have the stock 17mm ones still)

  • Briggs 206 rebuilt by Krybaby performance less than 4 engine hours ago.

  • 5x MG reds, 1x nearly ruined MOJO tires, and just so many wheels both magnesium and spun aluminum

  • 4x Hilliard Inferno Flame mounted inboard

  • #35 chain w/ a master link

  • Homemade kart stand

I have a large inventory of spare parts/hubs/gears/tools/etc that I’d be willing to include based on what you need, DM me if you’re interested and we can talk about it.

I’ll deliver it to anywhere in Michigan, if you’re out of state you’ll have to come pick it up.


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