24 foot trailer too big for kart tracks (Seattle area)?

I am coming from car racing and have a 24 foot enclosed trailer. I just recently picked up a kid kart for my son and a LO206 for myself (we’re newbs). We visited our a couple of our local tracks PSGKA and PGP and parking is limited. Would a 24 foot trailer be a pain for the smaller kart tracks?

We are here in California and I have a 8.5 x 22’ and a 6x10’ with extra height. Unless I want to get there early for races the 10 is so much easier at the smaller tracks. When a lot of these tracks were designed everyone showed up in a van and could fit 300 racers now everyone has bigger trailers and room is to tight. I find myself wanting to do more test days with the smaller trailer just hook up and go. You can have a double stacker and a work bench up front with cabinets and fit more than what you’ll need for 2 club karts. Now there have been times where I wish I had brought the bigger trailer but we run a team and have a lot of kart parts but honestly we can still make do with the smaller trailer and like it more for local club racing.

@stifry Welcome to the forums and to karting. It’s not uncommon for folks to have bigger trailers.

Of course pit space isn’t proportional to the track size, so I think the best thing to do might be to contact the tracks individually. if it helps, we have a directory here: tracks.kartpulse.com
@DavinRS might be able to give to local insight too.

Also, we go with our full names, so if you could update your profile that would be great.

Thanks! That’s exactly the confirmation I was looking for.

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A 24 footer is too big if you’re just doing club racing and using a few karts. Huggler Racing uses a 24 footer and he brings 4 to 5 karts, plus gear plus storage.

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I think that’s what he has right now already though.
What do you think about pit space at the tracks around you?

See above. You can fit it, sure. But you need to arrive early and get spots at most of the local tracks in this area.