24h le mans

Who else is watching it, and who’s your favorite?

I think Cadillac has a fair shot in HyperCar if they can stay clean. They put up a great video on this journey thus far.


Probably won’t watch the full race but will be rooting for corvette.

Well it is 24 hours. Need to sleep unless actually driving.

Outta curiousity, how many drivers typically for the lemans race per team?

What length stints do they do?

I assume it’s a ton easier in a car to go a long time.

There are usually 3 drivers per team. The minimum time in 24 hours is 6 hours per driver. The maximum is 14 hours per driver.

Stints vary, usually measured by refueling or tire wear. But 40 minutes - 2 hours (multiple in a row) is a reasonable window.

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The hypercars are doing about 3 stints on the tires, and running about 12 laps per stint.

Highest former F1 driver team car is the 83 Ferrari with Robert Kubica.

Race half over, under safety car.


I don’t understand why they don’t just red flag the race until the rain lets up, or the sun comes up. Driving for hours beyond safety cars is just dumb.

I had such an issue getting the race pulled up. What did you watch it on?

The whole race was streamed on MAX.

I subscribed to their feed.

Unavailable in US and Canada, but no bother, VPN to Mexico.

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