24Hours of America at New Castle - June 22nd 2019

(James McMahon) #1

A press release from: Endurance Karting

Checkout the video documentary below following IMSA Champions Taylor Brothers during the Endurance Karting 24hr in Florida.

The 10th running of the 24 Hours of America heads north to New Castle Motorsports Park, the premier karting track in North America and home to multiple National Events each year.

2019 sees the return of the multi class racing in 2 kart variations, each weighted to the class minimum in performance balanced karts for the ultimate in competition. To further balance the field, each Honda Dino team must complete 12 kart swaps. Veterans from IMSA (Weathertech and Conti) are expected to return this year.

Each team gets…

  • Twenty six and a half hours of track time!
  • Use of a Kart or Engine depending on type of Entry
  • No mechanical responsibilities for Honda Dino Karts
  • Necessary Safety Gear (Driver may use own gear if it is up to date)
  • Home base tent for team
  • 2 hours of Practice & 30 min of Qualifying on Friday before the race
  • 24 Hour non-stop race
  • 1 Case of Bottled Water
  • Transponder
  • Pit Passes
  • Oil & Fuel
  • Tires

Arrive and drive still available:

Bushnell Motorsports Park offer:

“All you have to do is show up and race.
We provide a winning opportunity which includes kart prep, driving coaching, kart set-up, in race repair, and race strategy assistance.

$2400 for the kart, track support, and travel expenses. Everyone racing will need to sign a BMP release agreeing to a damage waiver.”

Contact: Bret Spaude at [email protected] or 352-568-0778

Dedicated mechanic for your team only $500

2018 24 Hours of America Recap with #10 Simcraft Racing (Ricky & Jordan Taylor)

Visit us at www.24HoursofAmerica.com or call 1-866 RACE NOW to get your entry in before this once-a-year opportunity is gone.

Checkout the Podcast episode we did with Ekartingnews’ Rob Howden.


(Dom Callan) #2

Sounds like fun. How many make up a team and how much time is spent in seat per stint?

(James McMahon) #3

I think for the pro teams you can have a few as two. Some guys are going solo :open_mouth:

Non pro teams are limited to 40min stints. The podcast is worth a listen, it covers all kinds of cool ways they accommodate different driver levels. Definitely a bucket list race. Maybe we’ll have an EKN/KartPulse duel some year D:

(Dom Callan) #4

Can’t be rooting for both teams! It seems like a great event.