28mm Chassis Tubing

I am looking at a Fullerton TF3 where the chassis tubing size is 28mm. For those who have driven the 28mm how does it compare to the 30mm, 30/32mm and 32mm. Is there a specific type of driver or driving style it works best for? This would be an x30 application. Specifically x30 senior. Thanks.

Generally, the smaller diameter tubing is for lower HP classes and weights, while the larger tubing is suited for high hp classes. I would think the match you are seeking would overwhelm the chassis and the higher speeds and TAG senior weight would work the chassis harder than its intended for.

Exactly what Robert says

That’s an interesting one and I’d be curious to hear from someone who’s driven it. All the 28mm karts I’ve seen have been cadet karts with 30mm axles. I googled that one and it’s a 28mm chassis with a 50mm axle and states on the site it’s meant for senior X30. Must be a pretty soft chassis.

Certainly there have been plenty of 28 mm senior karts over the years, though generally they’re used for low grip or temporary tracks.

I’ve tried a 28 in Yamaha and TaG senior and found it to be a pretty difficult drive as the kart was flexing a lot and wasn’t fully predictable.

That said I haven’t tried the Fullerton.

I noticed the tube diameter being skinnier on the margay spec chassis I bought. It’s very flexy compared to my previous compkart coverts for 17 and 18. It’s something you notice but I assume it’s related to engine package. I suspect a 125tag on an all 28mm tubing chassis would be flexy as heck, but driveable. But, not as awful as a shifter chassis being used with an Lo206.


Dom is it an Ignite 206 kart ?

Yup. Feels very flexy.

Ok. Hmmm if ever. I could get a kart, this one was top of the list lol. I am easily 200 lbs…

It’s not a wrong thing. There’s plenty of guys and gals all sizes on the ignite. I don’t think it would be an issue but ask around.

You’ll get a lot of pushback on this one. I, personally, have never don it, but there are quite a few people that are successful with large diameter (old shifter) chassis in 206. Really depends on your spec tire and track conditions. Low grip track with a reasonably hard club tire? That ol track magic might be the fastest thing out there…

For racing against other Ignites? The kart is great. I used to race in the Ignite heavy class at a few of the Ignite Challenge races. However, in a 206 class, you are going to have a hard time keeping it from getting locked down and keeping up with the smaller guys. Not saying it cant be done, but there are a lot more friendly chassis out there for bigger guys.

I just say this because a pal bought a shifter chassis for his 100cc and it was not a good experience. He weighed all of 130 tho.

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Ok that’s very good to know thank you!

If I am not mistaken, the Fullerton 28mm chassis is similar to the 28mm chassis that Birel made. We bought a brand new 28mm Birel in 2019 when my daughters moved up to juniors. We ran the kart in KA100 Jr without issue. We still use the kart today for club racing. I wouldn’t be able to tell you what she says is the difference between that chassis and her 30mm that we run for our regional races. What I can tell you is that it will tweak easier when involved in contact and require straightening.

Man, 28’s gets bound up and tight for me at 385 in 206… I was always fighting to free up and 28mm chassis I had.

I am surprised this never occurred to me. That makes total sense.

sideye at Maggie the MArgay…

Neither me or Nick ever bent a frame and we crashed a ton. I believe the coverts were 30-28.

Interesting. I’d be curious to know if it’s the same material and thickness tubing as the 30mm stuff.

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Same material as Birel karts, not the same thin mild steel found in OTK karts

We just found out one year that the chassis got tweaked as my daughter misjudged a corner and didn’t stop soon enough, went on top another driver and down on the front left corner. After that, she complained that the kart pulled to the one side. Did some further damage later the same weekend, and the chassis ended up on a table with a pretty good twist in it. Other than that weekend, it has been a sturdy chassis.

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