30mm Axle Bearings type 206 - Brand Recommendations - Rotax 125 Micro


I plan to upgrade existing Energy Coarse Storm Chasis stock bearings with a 9.5hp 125cc Rotax Micro Engine.

do you have any specific brand and type recommendations for rear axle 30mm SB206 bearings?

Can we get any speed, rolling resistance gains with upgrading? If so what are your favourite brands



The Parolin/KR bearings are nice. Instead of 3 set screws that use 3mm allen keys, they use 2 set screws that require 4mm allen keys. Ever since using them, I have not had an axle slip and do not need to use any type of threadlocker on the set screws.


I’ve had good success with Microblue bearings

I don’t really run them because I believe there a speed advantage, but more because they have removable seals and are easily cleaned and re-greased so I can get much longer service life out of them. I find when properly taken care of they spin quite free.

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