30mm or 32mm Chassis for Rotax DD2

I race a Parolin DD2 in Namibia on very low grip and bumpy circuits. I have been using Parolin’s Le Mans chassis which is a mix of 30mm and 32mm tubing, having the front-most portion of the frame 32mm with the rest being 30mm. I want to replace my rail as it seems to have taken quite a beating throughout the year’s racing. Now Parolin makes 2 different rails which are available in all different senior classes but according to Parolin their Le Mans chassis (30mm & 32mm tubing) is more suited towards single-speed karts while the Invader chassis (32mm tubing fully) is more suited towards gearbox karts like KZ. The DD2 is technically a gearbox kart but it’s like it falls somewhere between a Senior Max or OK and a KZ. I weigh about 65kg and the DD2 class is 175kg in my country maybe going to 177kg next year. I want some insight into what would be a better-suited rail for the DD2 on low grip and bumpy circuits like ours in Namibia with my weight of 65kg and a total weight of 175kg.

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For these conditions I would definitely recommend a 32mm chassis. No grip, abusively rough, lots of weight on the rear so needs to be stiff to unload the inside rear.

I’m testing a CRG DD2 this week, track is always slippery and dusty (Abu Dhabi). I’ll let you know how it was and what tubing it had.

I know some folks in sweden that run dd2 with the lemans parolin chassis. They place top 3s consistently.
Is it slippery whole season and on all tracks?

Im guessing similar to UAE, hot and dusty but I think Namibia doesn’t have the same humidity

Our tracks don’t rubber up because we’re not enough drivers in total to put down enough grip onto the circuit. Our circuits are really terrible. We cannot afford to run the kart even at medium ride height. Front and back is raised with chassis protection at all times. It’s that bumpy. The surfaces we have are as bad as you can get, mixed surfaces of abrasive and old tar, even bricks for paving sidewalks. There’s no proper maintenance done on our tracks.

We don’t have a major problem with dust or heat per say. We get no major rubber build up and the track surface bounces the kart so violently that we constantly have parts snap in two on the kart. My front bumper bracket, the bottom support, broke after the first heat this weekend. Radiator bracket broken after heat 3.