3d printed items useful for go karting

So my 12 year old go karting son, got a great deal on a 3d printer at a yard sale ($20). Lucky little punk. It can print anything that can fit in a 6" cube.
I’ve found a few great 3d printer sites that have just about anything you can imagine. I’ve found precious little that has to do with karting or kart trailer organization.
I’m thinking I want to create a sprocket/gear holder. Wondering if anyone has seen a gear holder for a 3d printer anywhere, before I spend countless hours creating my own(cause I don’t know what I’m doing.). Anything else cool out there that you’ve seen, or think would be a good project that I haven’t figured out yet?
A couple others I’m thinking of.
Sort of a molded tray/funnel to sit on the motor mount rails to direct the oil out of a Lo206 for cleaner oil changes.
Sprocket holder.
Clutch gear holder
Paper towel holder(it already exists)
Trash bag holder(it already exists).
Extended feet and mounts for canopies(most already exist).
Tool hanger for kart stand.
Allen wrench stand(already exists).
air pressure gauge holster.
custom usb stand to charge transponder and michron battery.
What else could we, should we make?

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With the fairly recent ruling regarding fuel filter placement, I think a fuel filter bracket could be a good start.



About a year ago I looked into do something like this as an income source for KP. Shelved the idea since it’s not practical for us to ship the items and having them printed on demand and shipped made the prices kinda silly.

I started a topic on it when we were thinking of doing it, but I can’t find it now 🤷

Yeah, no intention to make them for profit…or even a loss. Mostly for our fun use. If they end up decent I’d put them up on thingiverse for others to print if they wanted them.
Thanks for the filter bracket idea.

Mychron 5 battery slot cover for those using direct power

first crack at the sprocket rack. I got the spacing right, but think I could make the fingers longer. May also put a lip on inside of the fingers to keep the gears from sliding laterally. I’m sort of limited by the print bed size. Good enough for a rack in the garage, but as is not quite enough stability for a trailer.

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I wanted to buy some of those from you…

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I know and I really appreciate that :+1:.

I’m thinking of making a hard case for my Prisma so it doesn’t get damaged in transit in my van.

Things I’ve tried so far (Including an entire radiator flap)

Radiator Flap

What is the wedge for in the last photo, trailer ramp. Has it held up to the abuse?

A bolt on go pro mount might be in order as well.

I would never use a 3D Printed GoPro mount.

Here’s a couple other ideas…

Fuel\Cable support… Add\remove holes for fuel line and cables as needed

Radiator hose support

Someone come up with a solution for throttle return cable please! Darn thing keeps getting caught in my foot and acceleration happens.

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I think I had something for that too. A bracket that went onto the frame with a roller… run the cable past the roller and away from your leg.

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currently printing out a wall mounted air gauge holster found on thingiverse. We’ll see how that turns out.

Found this at a bicycle shop for less than $10

One could probably print something similar.


Digging this up again, what are the preferred modeling apps for 3D printing? I’m most familiar with Fusion360, for designing CAD millwork, but am aware it also supports additive fabrication.

I’m leaning towards SLA with the Anycubic Mono X.

Bringing this topic back up again because I now have access to a bunch of machining equipment at my school. (engineering class) I can pretty much make whatever I want, so I figured i could try and make some go kart parts. So what metal parts would be useful for karting?

Depleted uranium throttle pedal? :grin:

Whole new meaning to having a lead foot :joy:
Unfortunately I dont think we have a lot of depleted uranium laying about…

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A long long hammer you can use to knock on divide bomber’s helmet

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