4.5” Ice tires on 6” wide rear rims

Got our hands on a few sets of Heidenau ice tires wondering if it’s possible to mount them on stock 6”wide rear wheels with stretching the tire a bit or do you need to find narrower rear rims to get them to mount up

I’m just seeing this now. I might as well respond in case the question comes up again.

At this point, you’ve probably realized that it would be impossible to mount these on a 6" rear wheel. You’ll want to use front sized wheels (Anything from 120mm to 160mm) on all four corners.

Send me one and I’ll get it on a 6-in wheel. Bet. :joy:

I’ll bring one to Rock Island :wink:

PTSD of stretching 6.0s on 10 inch Douglas wheels…
sad season 1 GIF by The White Princess


@fatboy1dh easy peasy, we do it all the time here. A little harder on spun aluminums but easily doable unless the tires are cold and hard.

He said 10", not 210mm :grin:

It is NOT easy peasy. It’s sketchy and terrifying. :joy:

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Fair point, I did misread. I do dirt also though so I know of sketchy and terrifying bead popping. Before I had a steel tire band it was darn near impossible with the multi-stepped beads some of the wheels have.


9.00’s on 11’s are just as scary.

Tire bands, clip on chucks, and hide. :joy:

I remember doing ratchet straps and other such stupid death defying stuff.

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Got those suckers stretched onto the rear wheels

OK I have to see this!