4 stroke burps and slows corner exit

In one particular corner When I get on the gas right after the apex the engine burps or pops or something and I slow down about 1.5mph. What’s weird is it only happens occasionally. Throttle input is pretty smooth, don’t think I’m flooding it. World formula engine. Happens at around 5k rpm I believe

Have you tried adjusting the needle/clip position in the carb?

I have, it’s helped a little bit but still happens a couple times in 10 laps

Do you remember which direction you moved the needle. That might give a clue. There’s a lot of things it could be which is a bit of a pain. Make sure the weight in the fuel tank is free to move as the fuel sloshed about of course.

If you can borrow a carb from someone that might help you shortcut the troubleshooting process.

It could be the idle circuit needs to be adjusted, or you could even be a smidge lean on the main.
Float height or floats sticking is another possibility.

So see if you can borrow a carb and prevent having to go down a rabbit hole.

will play around at the next practice. Just thought it was odd that it was only one corner. I don’t remember, it did get worse once when the fuel was low so maybe that’s it. Im new to engines and just trying to learn

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