4 stroke chassis with KA100/X30

Hey guys,

I have a BirelArt AM29 4-stroke chassis which I believe has 28mm tubing and a fixed brake disc. I’m wondering if I would be able to put a KA100 or X30 engine on it and be competitive? Are there any problems I may run in to? Or would it be more sensible to buy a more traditional 2-stroke chassis?

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KA should be fine, x30 I’m not so sure about.

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Agree with Matthew. Although if it’s an AM29 I would imagine it’s a 30/28 mix? Not super familiar with the Birel naming conventions.

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TJ, 28 mains and 30 hoop and cross.


Running a KA would be fine. We have a 2018 RY28 (which doesn’t seem to be made anymore) which is all 28mm tubing that was designed for the 100cc motors. So I would say the AM29 would be fine for the power.

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I had a similar question about being able to ride a 2 stroke engine on a 4 stroke chassis. I feel like this response I got from @KartingIsLife will be helpful in this case

The only issues I have heard about running a 2 stroke on a 4 stroke chassis are the size of the kart. Maybe check with regulations of whatever place you kart at to see if it’s ok or talk with someone at your karting place and see if they can help. Hope this helps!

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