4 stroke racers?

I know this is a predominantly 2 stroke forum, by default, but was curious how many of us are dropping the blades on race day :rofl:

I know Pribyl is here. Anyone else?

Say’s who :smiley:

Joking aside, that perception worries me a bit. But on the other hand, 2 strokes typically are a bit more hands-on in karting, so from that perspective it makes a little sense. But i’d hate to think that we’re not working towards a great resource for four stroke racers here.

I dropped the blades on a test day a few weeks ago… Does that count?

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HA! There is always room for anyone

By default was more or less because there are more 2s sprint karts out there. So forum would lend itself to being heavily 2s. I would hope there wasn’t a perception of better or worse, right or wrong etc. After all, the way the kart works doesn’t differ. I learned most of what I know from the 2s guys. :+1:

I was messaging with @Aaron_Hachmeister_13 the other night about possibly swapping rides with Randy one day for some fun. Randy’s always wanted to try the KT and Aaron mentioned wanting to try the 206.


Dropping the blades? Is that a lawn mowing reference?

You know I’m a 206 guy! Son racing 206 sportsman (Badger/Ctech/Cup) Nephew in 206 senior (Badger/Maybe Ctech/Maybe cup).

I’m like the opposite of fight club. All i wanna do it talk 206 racing.


@revolutionracing Forgot you were here. Yes the blades are a mowing reference.

Chainsaws versus lawnmowers. I like it.


We usually run with the deck in the lowest position for extra downforce on our road race WF’s.

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Don, I’m here. This will be my first post on the KP forum. You know I run 4 strokes with the 206 cup and Championship Enduro Series in sprint enduro animal. I’ve pretty much raced everything except a shifter over my 30 some years in karting. I started in a flat head briggs went up to Tags, but my love is really for the Yamaha engine. The sound and smell of a Yamaha has a nice place in my heart from growing up racing it so much. Since stepping down from Tags I’ve really enjoyed the 206 and Animal engine over the last few years.


Welcome Chad! :brap:

Well fine, I guess I don’t anything to add. There are some 4 stroke guys here besides us.

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We did this with Bryce Mersberger a few years ago. Both boys gave up after a few laps becuase they did not like the way the motors felt. They both complained about not liking the vibration.

We run primarily 2 stroke, but have a tater digger in the hauler too. The 206 class is so much fun to watch with them all being so even. Ran our first one for two years, the other day I finally replaced it and it occurred to me that I had not made one adjustment on that engine in 2 years. Didn’t even change the spark plug.


I run 206. I used to race tag but with my daughter being born I had to go with something a little cheaper to keep on racing. I couldn’t be happier, it’s some of the closest racing I have been in and I can take my kart literally anywhere and I can run it without researching what the local club rules are.