50mm thru axle rear hubs

I believe I have read about these here on the forum but my searching comes up empty, who makes these?

Not gonna happen without custom wheels.

I believe AMV makes them, but they do require a specific wheel.

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AMV hubs and wheels can do that, but only the 69mm KR spec wheels.

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Time for some axle modifications…



Tecno Kart make them (might be AMV).

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Techno’s 66mm PCD wheels and hubs are their own. AMV only make 69mm PCD for Kart Republic and 58mm PCD wheels and hubs for other brands. There are also 67mm PCD CRG front wheels available from AMV but they are hard to come by.

I put a summary here on the AMV Kart Components website.

Disclaimer: I am AMV Kart Components Northeast USA.

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@Paul_Montopoli thanks for the knowledge :slight_smile:

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