$600 for Manko Helix 150cc Good Deal?

I’m a newbie to karting. My son and I just finished getting a Yerf-Dog 3203 running again. Was a fairly simple project. We are looking for a second kart then and found this Helix 150cc. Its got electric start, forward/reverse, and better engine. Owner asking $600. It doesn’t currently run but he claims it has just been sitting and needs a new battery and carb cleaned. Sounds like a good deal to me based on my research. Just looking for confirmation I guess. Thanks in advance

That looks like a hoot. I’m not sure we can be too much help with yard/work karts in so far as pricing is concerned as we just don’t have much experience with that area.

That being said, 600 bucks for a complete engine + kart is dirt cheap. Our race karts are generally 2-6k used depending on engine type. The engines themselves range from around 800 bucks to 3500 for a tag 125.

Not sure what a rolling chassis (no engine) would cost new, yerf dog wise. However, someone here might know more about yard kart pricing in general.

Well thanks for taking the time to reply. I realized this was a kart racing forum after I posted.

Sure seems like a decent deal if it’s in good shape.

Hey no problem. We might have someone who has some knowledge on this stuff. But, as James said, seems inexpensive.

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I wish there was a good forum/resource for recreational karts like this. There is a subreddit for it, but it is completely dead.

In addition to Kartpulse, there’s also Bobs 4-Cycle forums. If anyone can think of a resource for yard karts, fire away.

Wouldn’t say R/gokarts was dead. Bit thin on helmet painting but there you go.