A couple of karting oddities

A couple things strike me as odd with karting:

  1. Rear-view mirrors are banned.

Now I get that if the mirror were made of glass, this could be a safety issue in a collision. But even a good mylar mirror would be most helpful at the end of long straights to see if someone is closing on you, especially when running mixed class races with no blue flags. I’d sure appreciate being able to have them if allowed.

  1. No ducting on radiators.

You can have a large radiator, but not a smaller one with ducting so most of the air actually goes through it instead of around it. From a pure engineering standpoint this is just nonsense. I don’t get it! Maybe someone does…

That’s precisely why they are banned :joy:, because of what will happen when someone sees a driver closing on them.

Of course you can look over your shoulder too, a luxury not afforded in most other four wheeled racing vehicles. While you can’t look directly behind you, you can see a lot by looking over your shoulder.

Agree on ducting though, I don’t understand it myself.

Right James, if you want to cut some guy off who is attempting to pass, you don’t need a mirror, just look over at him! :joy:

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From my experience mirrors only promote bad behavior. One of the first things I was told when I started Road Racing was “hold your line, the faster guys will find their way around you.” If you’re looking in the mirror trying to get out of the way, chances are you’ll end up moving into someone that’s already committed to that line and is moving at a much higher rate of speed.

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