A couple of noob questions

So i’ve only rented a couple of times, but i’m very interested in this sport/hobby…and plan to buy new if I decide to make the move.

So first question. (1) It appears to me the Margay Ignite races their own series. So would owning a Margay open more doors or more opportunities to racing over all?

(2) I’m guessing starting out it would make more sense to get a annual pass and practice as much as possible first year? Also do most folks buy annual passes. Both places i ride dirt bikes i have unlimited passes and it works for me.

(3) This is out of curiosity…what is typical frame life? I know crashes and frame track abrasion makes a lot of difference, but I notice some pros do a race weekend and get a new frame. I also have some avaition background so I understand airframe service life…F-16 8000 hours and 747 over 100,000 hours.

G’day I can’t speak to your first 2 points but for frame life you can get plenty of life out of a frame. I normally race mine for 2-3 years. Without crashes you can go longer and with crashes probably less. A frame only becomes less competitive once it no longer functions as designed with things such as chassis flex due to tube fatigue, becoming significantly bent or serious wear on the tubes from the track surface.

Have you considered getting a newish second hand kart? Even 6 months or a year old will slash the price to around half the cost of new.

Hey Lane!

Not sure about #1…I think that would depend on where you are located, as I’m only aware of a few places where the Ignite series happens, and they aren’t in my neck of the woods.

For #2, this will depend on the cost structure at your local track, but if you’re able to get an annual pass, I’d recommend it. My local club only offers annual memberships (no rental fleet, all owners), but it comes with complete access to the track, with the exception of a few days per month blocked for other clubs that rent our track. So I could go during the week or any other available time. Being able to turn laps as often as I want has been great when learning. Also, don’t rule out trying a club race out once you feel a little more confident. It’s a great way to learn. I did my first race after a few months of practice, and learned a bunch.

And to @ohasha 's point, I second the idea of a lightly used kart for #3. You’ll save a ton of money that can go towards fuel and tires, and you won’t notice any difference as long as it’s in good shape (no cracked welds, overly flat spots, it’s straight, etc.). Race teams in karting do the same thing as you had mentioned moto pros do - dumping few-races-old chassis and buying brand new ones, but that’s because they have drivers that are able to extract the hundredths and thousandths out of a fresh frame. For folks starting out and even doing local club racing, lightly used is a great option. It helps if you have a reliable, and even local, network to get parts and tuning advice. That could mean buying a brand that is more common around your club.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions!

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Many thanks Shawn and Shadi! Taking notes on your comments and agree, but man i like new. Lol. Yea dont know much about Ignite…they might not run much in my area. I’m about 1 hour from GoPro and Carolina motorsports park. Shadi, yep planning on doing some mid week stuff.

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Welcome Lane!

So the Margay brand does run their own series/races. Not sure I would base my decision on this though. I don’t have much experience with them but generally, they don’t seem as competitive against other popular chassis brands. Do you plan to race just LO206?

As for your second question, If this is something that is offered and it makes financial sense, then go for it.

For your last question, I would say the track you run has an impact too. If it is an especially rough or bumpy track or you are bouncing off the kerbs it will shorten the life. However, I have seen frames still be competitive even with noticeable wear on the chassis.

Don’t overthink it. Have fun!

Lane. I’m local to go pro.

I’d get the season pass and run as much as you can to get seat time.

Seat time = results.

As for the margay. If you run an ignite in non ignite events, you are at a slight disadvantage in performance but can compete.

If you want to try out a CRG at go pro shoot me an email and you’re more than welcome to take one of mine out for a few sessions to see if you like it!


[email protected]

I would go to go pro and talk to other racers. I know Paul Rice from MGM is at go pro all the time. MGM karts are very good and Paul is at the the track all the time to provide track support.

Thank you Robert! Yes sir…206. I like everything i’ve read and vids I’ve seen.

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Thank you Ryan. That seems to be the general consensus on the margay…I’m sure a good kart though. I might take you up on that Ryan…appreciate it very much.

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no problem at all.

LSR motorsport out of south bend, which is CRG 4 cycle will be at go pro with me on dec 10th testing some new stuff for 2023 if you’d like to come by!

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I believe the Ignite series is mostly in the midwest. As you’ll here from 100’s of people who have been around karting, get a chassis that is supported by your local track/shop. They will have parts when you need them and advice on set-up!


I’m suposed to be out of town that weekend, if it changes i will get in touch…would love to talk with you!

My son and I have Ignites in part because they’re supported at our local track and we could get two identical karts - we got season-old karts ready to race from Margay at the end of 2021. We’re in the Midwest which helps with Ignite series race availability. IIRC, there are some Ignite drivers (Mike Stephenson comes to mind) who are very competitive in the BKC which itself is pretty competitive.

Lane, not sure about margay and Gopro. Here’s their Ruleset:

Briggs LO206 Heavy 390:
ENGINE/OIL: Briggs LO206/Briggs 4T Synthetic by AMS
FUEL: Sunoco 87 non-ethanol at GoPro Motorplex
CLUTCH: Shoe style only, Briggs United States rule set
EXHAUST: RLV 4110 Pipe ONLY, Briggs 557045 Header
TIRE: MG SH 4.60 front/ 7.10 rear
*Seat height minimum from ground to top edge on back of seat 13 inches. 135mm max front rim/215mm max rear rim
*Max rear width 1400 mm
*Engine Rules per Briggs LO206 United States Rule Set

They don’t seem to require Margay spec class. You could race a margay there but since they aren’t requiring it, it seems you could race whatever brand most folks there use.

10-4 makes sence. I did some vids on Ignite series at kart week in Daytona. Thanks.

Thanks Dom…a lot of info.