A different kind of sprint race .

So yesterday my local was very tight lipped on what kind of race we would be having and the configuration we’d be running. Then last minute they divided us up into two groups, each one consisting of a 206 Sportman, 206 Master, Junior 100cc, 125cc, and 175cc. There we 10 karts per team, and they announced a relay race!?

Most of us we pretty apprehensive at first. Each team had to develop a strategy, as to what order they wanted to run, how they would exit the kart after pulling into the pits, and how they were going to pass the transponder from one kart to another. There was another rule that in addition to passing the transponder, each driver had to tap the helmet of the next driver before they could drive off.

They shortened the track configuration to include some of the tightest corners I have ever run at that track, which leveled the playing field and made the 175 cc advantage nullified to a certain extent. Each kart would do two laps, before exiting on the 3rd lap to execute the relay/ pass.

I have heard of standing starts, Le-mans starts, but I have to admit I have never done any of those in my short time karting. So the relay race was also a first for me.

The winning relay team. Neat idea to close out 2022!


That sounds fun. Creative idea.