A Lap of Ocala Gran Prix with T.J. Koyen

Had another chance to test my camera out this weekend. Here’s a lap around OGP in the KA from Friday practice.

Kart was a touch free on fresh rubber, so I wasn’t totally happy with the first half of the lap, but it came together on the second half so the time (39.15) ended up being pretty quick. Enjoy!


Was there a lot of rubber to work with? Kart looked quick through the hairpins. No engine issues I assume?
Great drives considering circumstances in the races.

The track didn’t seem like it really took rubber to be honest. I never felt like the kart had enough grip, we were dialing in grip all weekend pretty much.

Not a single engine issue. #KA100life

Was the racing close? I know that track is short and that should help, but still. The karts look pretty stuck to the ground. How warm was it there? The reds don’t look to grippy, but enough to get some lift.

Racing was really close. The OGP guys were really tough to beat on their home track.

Weather was 75-80, sunny on Friday, overcast the rest of the weekend. Massive storm came through just after the finals on Saturday, there was some scattered light rain all day on Saturday.