A listing of karting schools

Since I have dug around the interwebs looking for kart schools, I figured I’d share what I have found. If you have any programs to add to it, please do. It seems there aren’t too many of them.

No experience with this one, but seems like a legit racing school. SoCal.

Kart Racing School | Half & Full Day Classes For Ages 5+ | AMP Hard to tell if this is more “fun kart” than race kart, but looks interesting. Georgia.

This seems very race centric. Washington State.

Looks like they run summer camp for karting! Not sure about rest of year. NY state.

I have been going here for a few years. It’s not closed, they shifted their business to a membership model and dropped the arrive and drive fun karts. I :heart: this place. Oxnard, CA.

Alan Rudolph Racing Academy In Texas: http://speedsportzracingpark.com/racing-academy

Bondurant: Last I spoke to them they were willing to tailor a program, renting the offsite track. Not sure if they do that still.

My general experience is that if you call places, you get better info than their websites. Many facilities are able to tailor programs if you let them know what you are looking for.

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You can add the following:
Alan Rudolph Racing Academy In Texas: http://speedsportzracingpark.com/racing-academy

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Cool thanks! Will add.


Does any of you guys have some experience with racing schools in the San Francisco or L.A areas. area and what are your experiences… I have googled and found the following:



I haven’t checked recently and I think he might be fully retired…

Check “Jim Hall” in Oxnard. He had a school/facility. I know he had to close the track, but maybe he found something else.

I can only speak for the LA area as I have never traveled up north for racing…

Adams has been around for decades with their school following suit. Recently they have updated their website and started offering group classes, but will charge a hefty price for one day of driver coaching. And on top of that, you are not one on one with an instructor.

At Calspeed, I know they offer coaching for their rental fleet, but I’m not sure if they are currently doing competition kart driver coaching. The last few years they offered a Calspeed Karting team, where they offered arrive and drive programs, but they have since discontinued this.

What most new drivers do and what I would recommend is contacting local teams who offer one on one driver coaching. These teams charge a reasonable fee and you get driving tips as well as going over the data in between sessions.

Message me if you’re interested, I can get you setup with one of the local teams.


Thanks Ryan, I Pm-ed you.

Dom, my home track, Lafayette Motorsports Park in Lafayette, NY, has a race school. Intended more for the inexperienced, but you could add it to the New York list.


Thanks! Ill add it up there.

havent been to one but there ka100s and lo206s