A new kind of team (An idea from an outsider)

I have loved racing all of my life. But now I feel im too old (And beat up) to do it myself. But I was watching some specials on youtube about how many talented, young, and up and coming drivers that have great potential are denied because the simple fact is: Keeping up the expenses are so high.

I have my own business outside of this, but its part time, so I have the time to spare. I had thought that if someone could remove the transportation and some of the other costs and headaches, and still allow the racer and the team they created work togeather, wouldent that be something?

Its an idea still in its formative state in my head and im sure im far from origonal. But I have seen that really, ‘teams’ dont make money in any racing class (im assuming its the same for Kart Racing if im wrong I would love you to DM me and work some thoughts out with me on how…because if I can break even and help out up and coming drivers im all for it) My idea was akin to the ‘best’ parts of a team (Transport, Kart, Helping on Supplies) while leaving the ‘bonding’ aspects of parents/family (Driving, working, teaching) to them. Kind of a step between ‘going alone’ and ‘playing with the big boys’ …


Hey Josh - I have to say it’s awesome to see someone looking at a program like this. There aren’t too many of what we used to call “gentlemen racers” left. Meaning the folks that just love the sport, the people and the atmosphere and are more interested than helping out than making a living.

When I first started Kartwerks in 2013 this was very similar to what we did - provided a tent space, general support, consumable parts and some brand specific parts for the chassis we sold. Our focus was on the younger drivers and families just delving in to the traveling circus. We provided transportation and tent space if needed but many times we’d have as many people around our compound as inside.

We focused on the basics of data & video instruction, the benefits of shared data & information and also helped the parents figure out how to be pretty self sufficient. We were also largely brand and engine builder neutral and the vast majority of our parents did their own wrenching which made it very accessible.

With the shrinking youth programs currently it may be tricky to match that format again in the Micro/Mini ranks at the national level but it would be cool to see that kind of support at more regional programs like Route 66 or F-Series combined with some bigger club races maybe.

One team program that I think would be great for a program like you are describing would be to set up a program to allow the snowbound folks to easily race in the winter months. Travel/storage/tent/general support to make it feasible to run Winter Tour, SKUSA Winter, warm weather club races, etc.

Good luck and hopefully it’s something you decide to persue - the sport needs some more folks like you.

We currently do this at our local track to get and keep new comers into the sport. We provide advice, a pit spot, parts if needed, and will help out if a kart is wrecked in the middle of a race. We only charge $40 for a club race day to cover costs. The little extra money comes from them buying parts while they are under the tent tires, parts, fuel, ect. If you take out a hired mechanic and they own their own go kart “teams” shouldn’t really charge that much

You’re essentially describing a ‘tent program,’ or ‘arrive and drive’ program. Noble at the outset, but difficult to manage.

Many tent program users end up taking advantage of the provider, and it can be difficult to balance all under the tent to give them each support that they need. There is also the development of the ‘arrive and drive’ mentality, which is quite detrimental to that team’s development.

Having said all of that, the fundamental idea is great! The implementation long term is a challenge. One thing I have seen recently that I loved was a ‘scholarship’ program that Atlanta Motorsports Park did with their rental kart racers–they awarded the rental league winner with a season of LO206 competition with mechanical support, which I thought was really cool.

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