A very fast Holiday season

Wouldn’t be the first time… at least I’ll have some fuel to grill up some steaks on race day.

Can you find me a way to get a 130 on my engineering physics final so I can get a 4.0😂

No but I can be a wingman and help you find a wealthy girl/boy to marry and they can sponsor your efforts.

Work smarter, not harder.

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There’s a girl in my dorm who drives a gt3 RS, what are your rates?

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Well you’ve already identified the lady… at this point the obvious thing to do is to challenge her to a race. Just don’t punt her.

Ask Tanguy to tell you what happened with his racing crush…

Old, meet new.
Here’s your spaghetti in a CD

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Didn’t Guns and Roses have an album involving spaghetti?


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Ask her to go racing with you

There was a woman my age at the track, I have a girlfriend so I wasn’t interested at all, she then told everyone in the grid that it was her birthday so to not punt her jokingly,
I swear every session she was in the grass.
Granted some were her fault like she tried to dive bomb the inside final lap booped my back bumper and spun.

Hehe. Sent. I wish my spouse had been interested in racing and could join in on the fun but alas, bad back.

I tried to get mine interested a few times by taking her to the indoor kart track. For someone who claimed to be a car person, she was less than thrilled to drive around on track. I have since gone with her sister and brother in law and they seemed to enjoy it. Go figure?

Meanwhile this happened yesterday…

Dom, this is near you.

Who knew the C8 came with a tow package option?


Best towing rig
20 c

Yea! That is on my radar and I plan to go with Andre Lafond (aka f1600 podium dweller Adrian Lovehand).

I heard ya! Thanks for the heads up back then.