A very fast Holiday season

With the holidays around the corner it’s time to think about gearhead gifts.

I shall begin with a modestly priced helmet bag:

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Would an IOU work instead?

No but if it’s not expensive enough, here’s a used set of rain tires:

Is that the yuppie version of a lifted bro dozer?

One that’s been in a wreck!

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I personally have a new Z06 on my list and a new enclosed Trailer :crossed_fingers:t4:

Ho, Ho, Ho…

Happy Holidays!

Clearly Dom loves me more than my family

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This is my nice side. @E13 gets coal.

Ok so maybe this becomes the Santa thread… you guys say what you want and I scour the internet for a virtual offering.

Santa had a brainwave for TJ:

Rector knee pads for his return to racing.

These beefy bois are used by vert ramp skaters to slide out of tricks gone wrong.

Reference data:


I didn’t @ TJ since he might get pissed and refuse to coach me next time I need help.


I think this might turn into a game of us saying something in hopes the internet has no reference

I like it

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Try your luck. Step up folks.

Only Images you can find online. No adding photos into a photo. With that said.

Lewis Hamilton 2021 WDC

Spaghetti in a CD player

Santa driving a GAZ car (in the name of holiday spirit)

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Oof. Me and my big mouth.

What’s a GAZ?

#1: According to Rich Energy he actually won: Lewis Hamilton cheekily congratulated on winning F1 2021 title by Red Bull’s rivals Rich Energy amid cost cap row | F1 | News

#2: Would you settle for a BMW spaghetti car?

Or maybe a soap box pasta car?

“With an unusual combination of Fifties American car styling and Sixties Russian build quality, today’s GAZ-21 has everything the discerning Communist motorist needs.”


" Ded Moroz

Unlike the bloated, red-coated father Christmas of the West, Russia’s Santa Claus, known as Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost), is slender with a wizard-like flowing beard and he wears a long robe that comes in different colors, such as blue and white.Dec 24, 2020"

Right. So we need Russian Gandalf driving something…

How about Russian Santa sweating having to tell a very bad boy he’s getting coal again?

Dafuq is this? Ugliest armored car, ever. It’s like the design team used 1980s Lego set for mock up and said “good enough”.

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Come at me, folks. Think you can defeat a master Googler?

Modestly priced, and that’s GBP too not USD :rofl:

Why exactly 829.17 pounds? An odd price.

Aieee even more expensive sounding if converted to dollars

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Santa is in awe of this Dad and his skills:

Klaus Inc has ordered these for the children who have been very, very good.

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Time to ask for hopelessly expensive things that no one will get me. I guess I’m just a dreamer.

Anyone wanna fully sponsor my 2023 karting season? Sponsorship includes; an inactive IG account with 112 followers, my love and appreciation, yeah that’s it