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Use this category for general motorsports talk including sim racing.

Golly. Pressure.

Got a sim racing story to share or question you need answered? Any and all things Sim have a new home on the forum.

  • Why should people use this category? What is it for?
    This category is for sim questions and general discussion. For laptimes and race videos, we could have a separate thread where you can throw down the virtual gauntlet.

How is it different? Not sure, yet. We definitely need to cordon off the footage in that it tends to dominate. Since I have no idea of views and the like, it’s unclear wether we shouldn’t just lump it all together. My hope is that the videos drive folks to view site and they explore from there.

What topics:
Pretty much whatever folks want to discuss? What should I buy? How do I go faster, etc.

Is it necessary? Not sure but we have a couple threads going now. One seems to be general scheduling and jawboning, the other is me posting KK laps in a blog type form. I think the KK throw down thread is a good place for folks to post their triumphs and failures on virtual tracks and discuss.