About to Re-Power and looking for some thoughts before pulling the trigger

As some of you regulars may already know, I snapped the Crankshaft on my MY09 Leopard. I still want to fix it, if for no other reason than to sell it off. In the mean time, I have been putting away my Duckets for a New Motor.

My query now is should I take an offer for a RoK GP with maybe 2 hours on it or should I get a KA100 new in the box for about the same price?

My old MY09 was under powered for my weight (205 lbs) compared to the X30 and the Max/Evo, so I always struggled keeping up. The GP would put me close to minimum weight for Masters and about 15 lbs over for Senior in TaG 125. Still doable. However, the class seems to be on the decline. Last few club races have had between 3 and 6 entries, while TaG 100 has been on the rise. More like 10 to 20 entrants at the club level.

The issue for me is that dropping down to 100, means being over weight and under powered again. I would be within 10 lbs of Masters, but more like 40 lbs of Senior. I have yet to see a Masters 100 class at any of the clubs races. The numbers are enticing, but is it worth the disadvantage?

I wouldn’t buy something that I knew would make me uncompetitive - being 40# over would get old quickly.

Could you get a recently-rebuilt X30 with the old-style ignition/pipe/carb/airbox for KA100 money?

I’ve been 40lbs over in road racing and it’s a struggle, in sprint that would be magnified.

10lbs is workable between chassis and driver you might be able to get those 10lbs back.

@Charles_Kaneb, That’s my thought too. The folks in Texas are pretty competitive, so I think without the latest upgrades to the X30 I would still be at a disadvantage.

@KartingIsLife I know I am by nature at a disadvantage due to my size, so even with the smaller class sizes, it make sense to stick with what will give me a fighting chance. With the MY09 I scaled in around 405 lbs. I can assume with a GP I will be within about 5 lbs of that given the balance shaft and power valve with a significant Hp and Torque gain.

Yeah, in that case I’d go for the RoK GP.

Are you willing to push-start it? Vortex also brought in the RoK DVS and that’s a very high performance engine.

The GP has an on board starter with a clutch. No way to push start it.

The DVS is push-start, direct-drive.

Currently no class in my area to support DD.

I think your best shot is to get a RoK GP or up to date X30.

My thought too. The deal on the GP is in the neighborhood of $1000+ less expensive over the Updated X30. Although the updated X30 is more widely accepted regionally, the GP is accepted at the local tracks I run most.

I guess I am just wanting some reaffirmation that I am not wasting money on an engine that will clearly give me an advantage over my previous one. The updated X30 is solid, but there is still a deficit in power and torque to the GP, especially given my size. On the numbers, it seems to even surpass the Max Evo. Time will tell.