According to...... Kartpulse is the best gokart forum?

This discussion came up on bobs four cycle today which made me think “did the OP even search the web for forums”. Which also made me think I should do that and see what pops up. Naturally KP comes up first because I’m sure my internet history is biased towards it :smiley:

But checkout the highlighted result

Link: The 5 Best Go Kart Forums to Join in 2022
Looks like the site is geared towards Assetto Corsa?

So anyway that was kinda cool


That is indeed very cool and very gratifying. A lot of folks have been generous with their time and minds to make that happen.

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We are always happy.


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Google is not wrong. This is my go to forum for anything kart related. I’ve put my leg to sleep sitting on the throne scrolling through posts. That’s a compliment by the way :wink:


You could sit on the toilet seat and learn all about Tillett seats. :rofl:

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+1 on this…