Actev kid karts

I like the look of these

I’m not too enamored by the Sodi kid racer, it just looks wrong, though I get the advantage of mom being able to ride with the kid - but how much is that going to be used realistically? I like that the Actev actually looks like a proper kart, I’m thinking to get a few for my project, to entertain the 4-7 year olds whilst dad let’s rip on the main track. I could also see a bambino time trial thing with these on the main track, maybe during SWS days.

Battery life isn’t great but easily swapped out

Anyone here familiar with the company by chance?

It looks the business!


So turns out they just started a commercial supplier thing for kart centers. The tech comes from Silicon Valley, the karts are packaged and shipped from China, which makes it super easy and cheap to get them into Kazakhstan - just put ‘em on a choo-choo.

They look really good, I’ll give them a go.