Action cam on raceday?

You guys who live in the us, can you still have action cam (whatever the brand is) on the gokart or the helmet? Because in southeast asia they dont allow it for qtt and races (heat, prefinal and final). Practice session still can use it. If caught you will DQ for having a cam.

Lastly, what action cam do you guys use? Gopro? Insta360 go? Dji? Aim?

Not allowed on the helmet in all sanctioned kart races. Cambox in the visor is also not allowed

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But on the gokart on raceday is still allow?

Nope. Not allowed on race days.
/edit never mind for some reason I read this as being on helmet

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Yes, it is allowed only on the kart on race days. Some allow mounting on the nose, but some do not allow that position. Most people that run one use an Odenthal camera mount.

Some clubs allow helmet mount, but most do not and no series does.

Who is dictating the no-camera rules? I would guess it is strictly an insurance concern if the camera were to become detached from the kart.

Disallowing on the helmet is because of fears of affecting the impact protection of the helmet.

Disallowing the cambox is becuase it isn’t securely fastened in the helmet and “could possible” fall down into the drivers vision.

Disallowing on the nose is because it’s secured to plastic and could pull or break through.

Not saying I agree with all of the above, but those are the reasons given.

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The organizer dictating. First is safety reason since michael schumacher ski accident using action cam on the helmet. Second is they dont the drivers pov if accident happen, they just want to have single pov which is from track’s cctv.

Nothing personal, but I find it annoying that people make this connection. The Schumacher accident is often brought up as the reason to ban helmet mounted cameras. Action sports helmets are nothing like motorsport helmets and if I personally want to take that “risk” why is it not my choice?

I don’t understand the track not wanting other perspectives if they are making a decision about an incident. If that is the reason then track officials can state only their data will be used to make decisions.

I think the Schumacher association is bordering on ridiculous too.

Because even if you don’t sue, it’s possible your family might.

My understanding is that the handful of underwriters that were left in karting just did not want to allow helmet cameras. Why it seems to be OK for motoX and whatnot, I can’t say.

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Talked to folks at Snell Foundation. They asserted they have tested helmets with cameras (and camera mounts) on the helmet for their standard testing and that it does affect helmet performance in a variety of ways.

Personally I wouldn’t race with one on top of the helmet, or a chest mount. Secured on the kart, radiator, or fairing (with a cable) seems like a reasonable compromise.


I gotta agree with this statement.

But by the rules Majority races in the us, do they still allow camera on the gokart?

Yes in the US most series do.