Adding sniper pills to c type spindles

was Wondering if adding sniper pills do the same for caster change in c type spindles? The bearings are placed inside the chassis and the kingpin stays in one place(10 degrees of caster). So wondering if I add the pills to the top and bottom of the Spindle could change caster(not referring to camber, I’m trying to take caster out). The kingpin wouldn’t be moving only the spindles. I’ll place a pic of my spindles. and don’t worry I have changed the kingpins and placed new castle nuts and clips on them! These old ones are now in the garbage.

I’m just eyeballing but I don’t think there’s enough metal on the spindle to host the insert.

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What if I weld a plate to the top to host it? Just wondering if caster relies on the kingpin moving with the spindle or In mycase changing the spindle angle and not the kingpin. If it’d create the same concept with the chassis

Wouldn’t work for caster. Caster effects are governed by the angle of the kingpin to the ground , which you are not going to change.
Would work for camber though.
Moving front wheels in would reduce caster effect.

Examine this drawing. The orange spindle carrier has 0° kingpin inclination and 0° Caster just for demonstration purposes. The pills have the spindle bolt holes offset .050". In their present position, the Castor angle is 2.19°. It sure looks to me like these pills give you extra Caster in their present position. But, if you turn them 90°, you no longer have any increasing Caster, but a 2.9° increasing camber. You get increases/decreases in camber or Caster depending on how many degrees you rotate the pill. That’s how it looks to me anyway, tell me if I’m wrong.

No.You have just rotated the C bracket on the spindle a few degrees as viewed from the side of kart.
The kingpin still turns in its bearings in the chassis.
Unless the angle of the kingpin to the ground is altered , the caster action stays the same.
In the more usual setup with the C bracket on the chassis the pills/ Snipers alter the angle of the kingpin to the ground and so alter the caster action.

The first view, from the top, shows I have rotated, left and right, the spindle, 90° in each direction. The second picture, from the side, shows the Caster that was created.

So one of us has got this wrong. I think I know which one.

Care to venture a guess as to who is wrong? I think I know too! But I could be wrong. Ha ha. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I have the picture. Ha ha

Thank you al! I’ll give it a shot and see what the lasers say after I add the pills to the kart.

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