Adding Weight Ballast

I will be running x30 senior which will require adding fifteen pounds of weight to my kart. I purchased three, five pound weights to put on the kart, but I want to make sure that I place them in the right areas.

For background, I’ve struggled a bit with oversteer on the exit of corners, so I know this weight will do better towards the rear of the car, but where should I mount it on the seat? I’ve had different people tell me different things, but I’m assuming I’ll put two weights on the bottom left of the seat and one one the bottom right since the engine is already on the right side.

However, I run at GoPro Motorplex which is a clockwise track with more right turns, so it may be beneficial to add more weight to the right even though the engine is on that side.

What are some of your thoughts?

Normally you’d put 1 at the front centre, the other two at the back towards the left as low as possible. On thé right isn’t really needed since you have the weight of the engine on that side.

I don’t need weights lol but that’s what I always hear the team advising the guys that do

I have to add 40-50 pounds usually.
My weight layout is like this:

  • 5 lbs on front, where the steer shaft slots into the frame
  • 5 lbs under the crotch of the seat
  • 5 lbs under each front tab of the seat
  • 10 lbs left side of the seat by my hip
  • 5 lbs top left rear of seat
  • 5 lbs top right rear of seat
  • 5 lbs middle left rear of seat
  • 5 lbs middle right rear of seat
  • 5 lbs bottom left of seat

That almost always scales out really close for me, and that sort of layout is pretty typical for most drivers. I’m 5’7" so I have my weight up higher for weight transfer. If you’re taller, you can mount them kind of wherever.

For 15 lbs, I would do one up from in front of the steer shaft, one under the crotch of the seat, and one on either the left front tab of the seat or on the left hip of the seat.

I also have 40-50lbs of lead. I have prioritized low left placement as well. It’s imperfect but seems ok.