Adjustable caster/camber Emmick Cobra

hi guys and gals, as I stated I bought a 98 emmick cobra. it has adjustable camber and caster. we never had this when I raced 78-87. how would I set them for 0 camber and 0 caster? I guess I could delete them but has a larger hole in the spindle to use them. any thoughts? thanks chuck

Can you post a couple of pics of the setup?

There’s a few ways that this can be implemented and I’m not sure how it was down on the cobra.

yes james, I will try and take some saturday. thanks for the help, chuck

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hi, I got out in the garage and took these. hope this helps, chuck

Looking at the photos that’s definitely a different setup than I’m familiar with… I had a 96 and raced it till 2004, I wish I still had it as I think it would be competitive today still in the 4 cycle world.

If it were me, put the straight pills in, if I recall the cobra had 14 degrees of castor built in already and 0 camber.

You could always take a tape measure lock the steering wheel straight, measure from rear axle to centerline of front spindle. Adjust it and find the max setting and minimum setting. Zero would be between both. Old school way of doing it.

Camber would be the same way but across the front end, and is a little more of a trick to do.

thanks myles, great info. this is the 4th emmick i,ve had and it looks pretty advanced compaired to my older ones. I know one thing its going to beat my body up pretty good. oh but the fun. LOL thanks chuck

This is very similar to the current Sniper Caster/Camber setup. One advantage is you can rotate the upper pill to effect both caster and camber where as the Sniper setup does it slightly differently. Like @MylesBland stated, you can take some measures to find your neutral point and adjust from there.

thanks greg Im not familiar with the sniper set up. is it a chassis or a c\c design? thanks alot chuck

Caster angle is defined as the angle between the vertical and the pivot axis ( the king pin) as viewed from the side.
With this style of stub axle/ spindle (C bracket built in to spindle) there is no way to alter the caster angle as defined.
Camber. yes.

The Sniper and similar systems are used on karts with the C bracket attached to the chassis.
They provide a limited range of independent movement of the top or top and bottom of the king pin in a fore and aft direction (caster)and side to side (camber)
They allow caster and camber to be adjusted without the one affecting the other unlike the normal eccentric pills.

sniper caster camber adjuster
From the picture, it looks like the top pill can be rotated allowing movement fore and aft as well as side to side. Like John said above, that will make adjustments accordingly.

thanks alot for the info. the picture clears things up. I will try to set the pills to O and go from there. thanks again, chuck