Adjusting inserts for camber caster

I’m pretty sure the c is still a 22mm hole on the tonykart. It’s the set screws which are in the wrong place. I just think the way PKT has designed the adapter it sits in that hole making it a little smaller.

The Price Point on the PTK Kit is enticing. A set of OTK Pills plus hardware runs about $250 USD where the PTK Kit (including hardware) is $134 USD. The OTK ones look like cast pot metal (brittle) vs. PTK Machined Steel, sounds like a bargain to me!!

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Thanks for you reply @Andy_Kutscher
My chassi has just one eccentric pill on the top of the “C”.

But, if I add an eccentric pill below the “C”, will I get the independence between caster and camber adjustment I am looking for?

No, just more range of adjustment

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Righetti also makes their “CC Solver” for the OTK and CRG chassis including kingpins and such.


I’ve got Sniper C-C adjusters, but this looks interesting:

Mounting 1 each at top & bottom of spindle covers both adjustment axes.


Only looks to have one axis of adjustment by way of the Set Screws. How would you adjust the second axis? Does opposite pill have different axis to adjust?

Like I said, you have to mount 2 above/below on each spindle, with the axes arranged perpindicular for castor/camber.

ETA, the problem with mounting at the bottom of the yoke is that 2 mounting holes would need to be drilled in the the yoke base perpindicular to those at the top to achieve a castor/camber combination. Not an easy feat.

I’m a big fan of these. You don’t have the reliability issues of the sniper (which cracks on the cast base) but you still have the independent piece. My only criticism is they maybe don’t allow enough caster adjustment, but alot of karts have so much caster built in that it’s not as important as it once was.

I have a drawing of one. It involves a new spindle yoke being welded onto your frame. The insert at the top can be replaced with any camber/caster you want, within the range. +/-3 on the caster, + or -5 on the camber. Custom inserts for any combination can be made. The bottom of the spindle is designed to swivel to fit any of the upper insert combinations.

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