Advice for getting into league racing in the PNW

Hi everyone!

I’ve been looking into getting my own kart for about 6 months now but I have no idea where to start. For a 17 year old, what would be recommended to start in around the PNW (kart leagues, karts, etc.)? I’ve done rental kart league racing at my local track on and off for the past year and have about 3 years of sim racing experience. I’d really appreciate any advice that anyone has.

Thank you,
Nicky S.

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One of the first things to consider when looking into your own kart is what is your budget and what can you afford. You’ve already been doing the rental karts, so you have that experience out of the way.

The budget is the biggest key because getting the kart is just a small piece of what you need to get started. And then the continued cost of running is something else to consider. Once you know what you can afford, then it is easy to determine what you can do as far as racing. You should also visit kart tracks around you on a race day and talk to other racers to see what they recommend for the area, and see what it’s like. I went from rental karts to sprint karts, and it was a bigger jump than I was expecting, both physically and cost.

Where in the country are you? The PNW has a bunch of places you can check out but those are big states.

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What state are you in, & what region/county?

Just hear to say I’d you’re in the Seattle Tacoma area I can probably be of some assistance with the getting started as I recently have and just recently done the research as far as the where to go.

Chassis and etc that’s a whole new ball game for me and out of my scope