Advice on karting in Southern California


I just started karting a few months ago in Korea, and I was hoping to practice as much as possible when I visit my parents in California (near Calspeed) since I will have time and the track fees are cheaper than they are here. A few questions as I make plans.

  1. Any suggestions on how to get a hold of a kart for about a month? I was thinking about maybe buying a used one and selling it before I left, but I was hoping there would be a simpler rental type option. My kart here has a Rotax engine so that would be ideal but not essential.

  2. I was also hoping to learn how to do some basic wrenching so that I can do some of my own maintenance when I get back to Korea. My experience with engines is exceedingly limited, so every bit of knowledge would help. Does anyone know of any shops that offer classes? Any suggestions on how I might pick up some knowledge over the course of a month?

I’m not from there but Jim Hall in Oxnard has some very reasonably priced karting classes on their private track on their 2 strokes.

Generally 2 stroke karts are pretty pricey to run so renting for a whole month might be prohibitively expensive.

If you aren’t afraid to drop a couple grand you could very likely get yourself into a used kart which you could resell.

Another thought is to ask at a place like calspeed or Jim hall and let them know what you are trying to do and maybe they can come up with something.