Advice on new league

hi all- my family and I are new to Kart racing and was hoping to pick your brains. we are looking at working with a local track to start a league/club since the closest place for us to race is over 3 hours away in ATL. We have a few other kids interested but are not sure where to start or what we need. Any general steps of advice would be much appreciated.

What is your location? What track are you working with? Do they already have kart/event insurance? Thats going to be your first/biggest hurdle.

sorry. we are in AL. working with Talladega gran prix raceway.

I guess I would start with the track and see
what race options they have? Build a
league around reserved dates. Most tracks have a timing/scoring system for results.

How does the talladega org factor in? They are a track? And they are interested in the idea? What kinda facilities were they thinking you would use? (Parking lot? Infield of an oval?)

I’m not a biz insider like James, just a participant so curious.

The series I was in used a parking lot track that was a permanent fixture at a local raceway (off the drag strip).
It had bathrooms available because drag strip and food facilities too.

The series I was in was your usual for-profit racing and therefore we had multiple “teams” providing parts and services (tires, mounting, etc). I don’t know how that works with small club orgs, but maybe something to ask about. (Stuff like parts and tires, how we gonna deal with that?)

Although it’s 3hrs away… AMP!AMP!AMP!

(But yes I can see the need for something local, I’m just a big fan of AMP).

According to wikipedia:

Talladega Gran Prix Raceway is a 1.33 mile (2.14 km) 10 turn road course located near Munford, Alabama.[1]Little Tally ,” as it is also known, has no affiliation with Talladega Superspeedway. Instead, it takes its name from the nearby Talladega National Forest.

This appears to be a car/motorcycle track which can be used for karts but isn’t ideal. Are there options to make the track shorter or tighter?

don’t think so… but we haven’t really had that discussion with the owner. I would suppose that (being a business man) he would be open to the idea if we had the support