Advice to go faster

I removed it because of the weight, but I can put something in plastic. That’s a good idea

Today I’m back on track trying to put some of your valuable advice into practice. Some seem to work well, others don’t work for my driving style. Here is today’s video, the arms are not visible compared to the previous video but I hope you can give me some indication. The track is different, maybe this is more technical, but the lap times are good considering the conditions (quite green asphalt and no sun).

The thing that just doesn’t work for me is pushing (in corners) with the outer shoulder: I tried to push my shoulders back and push the steering wheel instead of pulling it, but I totally go out of line. It is very difficult for me to change the driving style in this aspect, I’m much more precise with the arms less stretched and managing the trajectory with the inner arm (therefore pulling the steering wheel). As a result I put an harder axle to help lift the inner wheel, as I find it difficult to push well with my shoulders back outwards, and it works.

On the other hand I think I managed, compared to the previous video, to take the apexes better and to give the throttle earlier, even if I still have to learn to manage the throttle / steering well in order not to slip too much, but I think it goes better. The minimum rpm in the best laps are now around 6500/6800 compared to the previous 5800/6000. The thing that remains most difficult for me is to open the steering wheel to be able to give the throttle as soon as possible without losing the apex and therefore going out too wide. Maybe I am too impetuous with the steering, could I try to change the position of the hands or what else?

I think the braking is good, my style is to brake quite late and very hard, I hope that’s right, I accept advice on that too.

Thanks a lot to those who want to answer me!

I think you nailed it until after the 2nd hairpin. In the mid speed section it looks like you don’t really know how fast you can go in there, which results in a lot of freewheel. It is something you might want to explore.

At 0:20, in the right turn, I would try to be more aggressive by carrying more entry speed and climb the inside kerb, which would make your line better for the next 2 turns

Sorry for my bad english, what do you mean for “freewheel”?

Nice, I’ll try it. What do you think about my braking in first hairpin? Thanks

Freewheeling is when you don’t brake nor accelerate.

Braking seems fine

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