Aerial view of G&J Kartway Aug 1971. Celebrating 60 years

600 entries! Karting in the US used to be pretty big!

Posted by Elaine Gregg on Facebook (or FaceBook, or meta, or whatever it’s called now):


The big bank days. A gentleman posted some nice photos from early days here a while back.

This picture is so cool. We were all born 40 years too late…

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I dont know about that, we have a ton of local options to race with great drivers at many great facilities offering very different race experiences.


I’m not downplaying what we have, but find me an event that has 600 entries in the midwest.

Closest would be grands and they are not going to get to 500 let alone 600.

We are too spread out for our club races. I would rather to get our 4 tracks together and race against 50 instead of having 4 clubs with 15 drivers in each.

Running 50 karts comes with its own problems IMHO expecially at anything other then top talent on larger tracks. Clubs running 15-25 is a good number and at that level appropriate. I belive that is the race that had so many problems they founded WKA, but I could be wrong.

You are absolutely right. However, I will run wherever the biggest numbers are (that I can afford). Its the whole reason I came over to run G&J 2 years ago. They were averaging 25+ in their masters class.

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Found the bank photo: