Aftermarket brake rotor?

I have a Compkart/Freeline brake rotor that is in need of replacement. For whatever reason Freeline parts are crazy expensive. Case in point I can buy a lone freeline rotor and that cost more than a complete rotor and hub assembly from Righetti. However, the Freeline is a 180mm diameter and I can’t seem to find a similar option. Does anyone have a recommendation?

My only recommendation (if you need it) is to make sure the thickness is an exact match or you may end up chasing issues with self-adjusting brakes. I made that mistake last year. Even with shimming I could not find a way to make the brakes work well with a rotor that was only 1mm thicker. They either developed a scary amount of travel and lack of bite, or stuck on.


Freeline do be like that.

The Freeline rotors are also very thicc so I’m not sure there are a lot of other aftermarket options.

Which model and rotor do you have? Pictures?

This is the standard floating rotor. Pictured is just the rotor as there are several additional pieces needed to complete the whole unit (inner mount and all of the bushing pieces). It is a 180mm diamterer 16mm thick.

Here’s one on Mondo for not too much. Looks correct.

That looks to be correct and much less than domestic sources. Any experience shipping from Italy?

Shipping from Italy in general is not the best, but Mondo Kart is pretty good.

There is a 5% chance they will take your money and it will be a mess to ship, and the ability to get them on the phone is “no,” but other than that I’ve been a fan honestly.

You’ll pay some import fees but not too bad, and they ship DHL so that’s helpful.

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I have a good used complete rotor assembly, if you’re interested, send me a message.

I’ve ordered tons of stuff from mondo from wheels to tire gauges. Never had any issues

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Same. I even made custom shims to space out the caliper halves by the exact amount but no bueno.

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i have order 2 times from mondo brake rotors that was not original and in a half prize with no problems till now

Hey James,

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll definitely double-check the thickness to avoid any potential brake issues like you experienced.