Aim Mychron 5 sleep mode issues

Hi i just purchased a mychron 5 its a good piece of kit but Im having issues with it just turning off mid race which it not that useful when Im trying to calculate my lap times it like this device goes into a sleep mode after a certain amount of time Im not sure what to do if you have any suggestions at all it would be much appreciated

Suspect that you are having an issue with your RPM lead. When the gauge can not longer detect an RPM pulse, it will turn off. Here is a tip from the manual.

"Do not run the RPM lead in any type of tubing; it should
be run right along the frame rail.
Take care not to overtighten the tie wraps. If your lead is
too long, don’t coil it up; just cut the tach end to length.
At the tach end, make sure that the lead loops through
the two small holes and then extends out about half an
inch and then
use a small tie wrap to keep it snug.
It is very important to pull the RPM wire about four inches
through one side of the clip then wrap the wire around your plug lead a couple of
times and back through the opposite side of the clip."


A second item to look at is the battery level. Like any electronic device, if the battery level gets too low, unpredictable things can occur. I’ll guess that a level above 20% should be sufficient.


i think you are right with this i am not using a rpm sensor yet as i have mail ordered 1 and hopefully when i get it, it should solve the issue thank you :slight_smile: