AIM Mychron 5 Support Contacts

Are there any US contacts for AIM?

My mycron 5 seems to have failed in it’s first rain race. Their website seems to have no “contact us” information other than the Italian address to discuss this (unless I missed it). I thought someone here might know.

That’s a bummer. They do have a great rep for support in the US…
I found this under AIM contacts > Dealers > US

31889 Corydon, Suite 130
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
U.S.A. Tel.: (+1) 951.674.9090
Fax: (+1) 951.674.5699 Sectors: Car, Kart, Bike, Drag

1636 9th St SE Suite B
Roanoke, VA 24013
U.S.A. Tel.: (+1) 540.342.9680
Fax: (+1) 540.342.9682 Sectors: Car, Kart, Bike, Drag


AIM is pretty good at warranting Mychrons when they act up. Thier website design is another matter… lol

Thanks for that James!

Be very mindful of the Mychrons 5’s it the rain. They are not water proof at all. Every one I have seen leaks. I have had an passionate discussion with a AIM rep here down south. Had mine back a couple of times for rectification. First time it had no grease on the button shafts. Tried blaming me for using a detergent that washed it away. So had another passionate rebuttal for that as it was straight out of the box. In the end I gave up trying to make it Splash/rain proof and got an assurance that if I had any issue relating to water damage they would replace it at any time in its life. I have persevered with the product because the time it was the best. Just the design and build quality is crap. There suggestion was to remove battery and air it out after each wet meeting.

Mine broke during a race, after sending them an e-mail they were very quick to respond with detail about what would need to be done and how to go about sending it in. I only just shipped mine out yesterday but expect a quick turn around like others have told me. Their support seems to live up the hype and im thankful for that. Mines a 4 though.

What email did you use ?

I honestly do not recall, i believe i may have just emailed them through the aim tech support link on their site. Turn around time was quick! The pricing to repair both my lap and temp sensor connections as well as clean the screen which some reason i couldnt and new screws all around was cheap. Aim really does live up to the hype.


Sent it to Mike at AIM , he received it Wednesday. Holy crap I received it Friday all repaired.
Talk about customer service.


I bought my first Mychron product in 2000 I think. I liked the product from the start. Then 3 years later, 2 years out of warranty, I sent it in for repair on Monday and it came back on Thursday no charge. I have been singing their praise since. I have used them on every race kart of race car since. I have not had to use their service since. It is good to see it is still oustanding.