AIM Race Studio - Export laps to Google Earth

Hi all. Trying to get my head around Race Studio. Can anyone explain how to export multiple laps from multiple tests to Google Earth. If this is not possible, how do you combine laps from separate tests into one test. If this can be done, then export to Google Earth is straight forward.

Search it in you tube, there are a couple of vids. You have to export your selected laps as a specific file, save to pc then ‘open with’ google earth which must be downloaded not online.

Thanks Richard, I have seen some of the YouTube videos, but those laps are from one test. I want to compare laps from several tests. Eg the fastest laps from 3 different test sessions.

Does it work well? I saw this video and was thinking about doing it but wonder about the accuracy of the trace v the track in Google Earth.

I haven’t done it in a while but yes I think if you open multiple tests, when you go to select which laps to export all the laps you have open are there.

Accuracy does vary a bit, I think I depends how many satellites your mychron can see at the time of those laps

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I guess the individual traces would be accurate relative to each other, but not sure about the traces to google earth??

From what limited experience I have, there is only the possibility to export one test, even though several tests are open.
Is it possible to copy individual laps from several tests into a “manufactured” test? If so, this made up test could then be exported.

The easy way, for simple comparison, use the app : Lapsnap

According to my experience, you can’t export data from separate tests. But if doing this is important for you, you can do some job with any text editor. The following is what to do:

  1. Export separate tests to separate files. You will get separate *.kml files.

  2. *.kml files are text only files, so you can use any text editor to copy the “coordinate traces” in *.kml files to another *.kml files to overlaps the traces.

Maybe you don’t understand what I say for my poor English. Just get an editor to open the exported *.kml files and then you will know how to do.

The accuracy of Google Earth is terrible for my home circuit. It shift about many meters, so it is useless. I wrote e-mails to AIM to see if they can develop some ‘shift parameter’ to add to the exporting data, but they say it is Google’s problem, not theirs.

But Race Analysis Beta is awesome because it provides several kinds of map data and there is one which matches my home circuit. So I use it again.

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