Aim SmartyCam 3

Just cam e across this… for those interested…

With Race Studio Analysis 3, this will sure be interesting for (self) coaching.

The sport should be at a lower price point (250) comparred with the current V2…

1080P @ 60 FPS. Eureka! About time they updated.

Looks like the GP and Dual are slated for 2022.

Finally on sale…

They had 3 in stock… 2 hours later 2 in stock.

Aha!!! I must see the stats. The previous version was technologically very long in the tooth. I am guessing this is much more advanced.

Edit: LOL

Video format is at H.264 1920x1080 pixels, 30 FPS

Yah, no. This won’t cut it for vlog racers, sadly. 1080p is not enough.

I get these are cool and can be useful with data overlays, but for $900… Makes my eyes water.

How are these a thing while GoPros exist? I can only assume it’s because they integrate with RaceStudio seamlessly?

Agreed. If I recall you ran the visor style camera… can’t remember the name. How did you like it and have you tried the newer versions? I’m not the biggest fan of running a chin mount GoPro as it always seems to pull down the helmet with the weight cantilivered off of it. I know neither are technically legal, but I would like to run the visor cam for practice days to better watch my hands/feet. Really working hard on slowing down my hands.

Check the presentation. But summarized…

You can have an overlay of your AIM sensors (G force, steering angle, throttle, brake, etc) overlaid on you video on the fly… No editing needed.

This helps with coaching and it synchronized with your race studio… so you can analyze both your telemetry and video at the same time… Coaches can see for example that you’re not using full use of the track width etc…

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My visor cam was the original version of the CamBox. They have much nicer versions now that I haven’t tried.

I liked it for the view it provided. Basically the ideal view for on-board video.

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Dang at half the price and probably 10x the better view for training IMO. Shame we can’t run this during a race. Data overlay of the AIM would be nice, but if I’m checking data in between sessions it’s a quick glance at braking points, entry/exit speed, and engine performance.

I kind of do some of what this offers with software and that can be a pain in the butt to align the data with the laps. It seems that the Gopro software kind of is terrible at consistently grabbing enough satellites.

The smarty cam seems to offer a simple way of doing data overlays that is reliable and easy to use.

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What extra software do you use for this? GoPro just seems much more versatile and better quality than a smartycam, not sure if the pure integration is worth the extra price tag.

Well Gopro doesn’t do the software part at all really. Their hardware is great, but they don’t provide tools for data other than a small collection of widgets that require you to use Quik.

The program racerender is what I use…

Is the real reason you’d buy this, I think.

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Used Race Render for many years with several GoPro cameras. Great product, but it takes time to learn and time to use. If I had to do it again, I’d bite the bullet and get the Smarty Cam. And with being able to use the video within Race Studio 3 now, makes it even mor appealing.

Yeah. I concur. I was thinking I should do a walkthrough post that explains how to use race render to display widgets and make titles. The titles part isn’t obvious at all.

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Race Chrono Pro is a good alternative too. I’ve been using it for my GoPro videos this season and I really like it

A new challenger has appeared:

I will check this out

Funded by European Regional Development Fund

RaceChrono has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund to develop next generation RaceChrono app that utilizes new technologies for data processing."

Sounds official!

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At least there used to be a free verson of Race Render. If there still is, download it and play around. Ask when you have questions.

Still is. It puts a racerender watermark in the vid and is limited to maybe 5 mins.

But, the full version isn’t expensive. If you find it useful, it’s a worthwhile spend.