Air or water cooled engine

Total noob here so please bear with me. I picked up a Roketa gk6 that has the stock engine still runs awesome but guy threw in a Subaru EX40 just for craps and laughs. Just wondering if I’m better off with the stock jobber or should I start fabricating and do the swap? I’m really leaning towards swapping but that could just be because I’m bored.

I feel bad that you haven’t gotten a response. Most likely the lack of responses is because most don’t know what it is that you have. I didn’t either until I googled it. This forum is mostly dedicated to organized kart racing and that’s not what you have or are doing.
I still don’t really know how to advise you, it’s outside of my wheel house.
Good luck

Reminds me of gx390

Alli can find on the Roketa gk6 is that it appears to be a fun off road buggy powered by a Honda shifter engine.

The Subaru being OHC looks cool. I guess it depends how much work you’ll have to do for the swap. Probably the first thing to compare is the output shaft size of the two engines.

If you’re in a search for more power, a clone based engine like a predator 420 etc or similar might be a better route as it has a larger base of aftermarket parts.