Aixro XR50 - Any experience?

The Spicy Danger Dorito long block has arrived, pick up a couple Tilly’s for it and get it on the dyno this summer sometime hopefully


looks promising! What’s the weight?

Actually not sure, I’ll try and weigh it and let you know.

Been awhile since I’ve updated this thread but finally got my Spicy Danger Dorito running and on track this past weekend with some promising results. Some things to work on as I need to manage temps a bit better, but I have plans for that. Performance I was very happy with.

AWESOME! I’d love an Aixro on a sprint kart.

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Where’s the indoor oval and can I come play on the dorito?

It’s in Salem, OR. To the second question, probably not, lol. I do have other dirt karts I let people run.

Drat! I’ve seen footage of that track before. Seems really cool!

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It is a good time for sure, this is the winter toy when sprint racing is shut down in my area.

I’m interested in one. Those the gentleman still got parts for it

I’ve got three currently :joy:. When I got my last one I went straight to the factory in Germany for it, since the US importer is useless.