Alan talks about podless karts (Video)

Alan’s been making karting videos, and I’m posting them to support him, because he’s actually doing a thing.

Also, he’s making swag. I bought a shirt to support him, because he’s actually doing a thing.


I’m trying to find some videos of podless karts for this thread. If you find any good ones, throw them down below.

He’s made a bunch which he’s posted on Reddit and have been very enjoyable.
@DavinRS is that you piloting the vintage kart? Looks like an amazing experience. So light.

It’s interesting watching the close driving bits. Very careful not to tap the other guy whereas with bumpers we’d be pushing them along.

Hahaha. No. I just found that video. I’m a wuss and like pods :stuck_out_tongue: lol

podless vs podded. epic

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That. Sound. Need that in my life. It’s Glorious. Sounds like it’s gonna break at the top end.

at the start it’s running a bit rich too. Once it clear ZZZOOOooooooommmm…

3:01 Madlad! :smiley: Cheers!

I am guessing the over/unders are due to lower grip, narrower tires?

5:01 hey, move over (Smell of cooking rubber).
5:24 yikes
6:30 old vs new(ish). Old wins.

These are good drivers and they looked like they were on it. Very nice footage. Does make me wonder about hard racing in podless days. Honestly a bit nerve-wracking. I love it.

They are running Komets as used in X30. They are 148kg (pre 95) 150kg (pre 2000) with driver so running maybe 10-15kg more in weight (the podless era were as low as 130/135kg back in the day) than in period (most who race are now old boys with a lifetime if eating :slight_smile: ).

I still dont quite understand what was going on with choking the engine…

Is it analogous to when, under very hard braking, the engine cuts out to start again once you give it gas?

you’re just limiting the airflow so you dump a load of fuel into the engine. You’re doing 20,000rpm so the extra lubrication helps when you up at those revs.

There’s other little benefits too, but that’s the main reason you’ll see us doing it.

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Gotcha thx. Hoodie ordered. :stuck_out_tongue:

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wow, cheers :slight_smile: much appreciated


More on choking.

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I weighed in at 127kg last time I ran my podless kart, so much different to drive than a modern kart so much more alive. Nothing like doing 19000rpm with cable brakes :sweat_smile:


That wide rear end … :ok_hand:

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