Alan's Swaggy Merch


You are excellent at design and I love your aesthetic. Since you never self-promote your amazing clothes, I thought I’d share with the gang some examples:

I may never drive a vintage 100DD, but I need this outfit for post race preening.

Link to store


haha, some of those were done in collab with Oli Scullion as well. Need to get some new stuff out for this year as well. Lot’s of work to be done.

I am definitely getting the hat. May pull trigger on sweatshirt too. I am contemplating surprising my spouse with the stretchy pants since she made positive noises about the hoodie I got last time.

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I can confirm they are very bright. :grin:

I bet the yoga pants are more your style.


I’m too skinny to pull those off. Against the Geneva convention for me to wear those.

Is Geneva your wife?


Hehe :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: Good one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We shall see how the yoga pants look soon. Just ordered them.

Is he a UK superstar? If he ever wants to do an endurance race under an alias, he could go by “Oily Scallion” and seek sponsorship from a salad dressing company. (Plz no punterino, Oli, just a joke).

Alan does a lot for the forums and karting but refuses to self promote, so I appreciate you doing this :smiley:

Combustion Chamber Magazine is also one of Alan’s projects that deserves a mention.

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Cool stuff. That’s a very neat seeming magazine. Artsy, too.

there’s me thinking I do self-promote :slight_smile: haha

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From Matt Wall’s FB


Is that the Doctor?

Sure looks like him.

I would guess given Matt Wall is an aussie it was taken last weekend at the bathurst 12hr where Rossi was racing


In which I model my new simracing gear…

For a small fee, I will also model the yoga pants I bought my wife, should there be sufficient demand. On second thought, bad idea.


(Waves $5 in the air)

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:slight_smile: love it!!! (20 characters)