Alfano 6 1T: Can it accept two temp sensors if using their spliiter?

I have the 1T setup for H2O temp. I see Alfano has a splitter which makes me think it would work. Can the 1T see both H2O temp and EGT if using the splitter?

I sent the following to Alfano nine days ago.

Dear Alfano Product Rep,

Please let me know (verify) if it is possible to configure the Alfano 6 1T with two temperature input sensors for water and exhaust gas respectively. ie Can I use the Alfano 6 1T with the A2190 splitter AND the A2158 EGT sensor AND A2101 sensors?

Will the Alfano 6 1T display both temperatures automatically / simultaneously? Is there any setup / configuration needed?

I already have the A2101 water temp sensor configured with an A3301 extension for the water temp sensor.

Thank you!

so far no response from Alfano…crickets.

You need the 2T model AND the splitter for two temps.

I think you’d be able to use one of the expansion boxes, but those are darn near as much as a whole unit. Unless you want to add extra sensors and such too, then it would make sense.

Unpossible because the main unit still needs to have 2 internal channels for processing 2 temp inputs. An expansion (coprocessing) module is for additional functions not in the main.

The 12 port expansion allows for 4 temps when plugged into a standard Alfano 6 so I’m not sure that’s actually the case. I don’t know for certain, but it stands to reason.

While that’s certainly plausible, I think that’s a bit presumptive without knowing the details of the circuitry.

Alfano does sell a 2 channel splitter made for dual speed sensor input. I’m betting they wouldn’t sell something that competes with their 2T unit.

The Alfano Light “1T” doesn’t even work with the expansion pack. You need a 2T to do that. So, in short, no. It will not work.