Alfano 6 LED lights

I have an Alfano 6 and I’m trying to get the 6 LED lights to work properly. I have them set on “Lap Time” and I’m expecting the lights to turn GREEN when I’m beating my last lap and RED when I’m trailing my last lap time. I’m expecting each light to represent 1/10, therefor if I’m beating my last lap by .03, 3 GREEN lights should be on. However, this does not happen. One green light will come on midway through the lap and then go out shortly after. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your help!


For the LED lights to work like you are wanting you have to create your own track and add splits in where you want them. At each split it will update the lights to how you’re doing compared to your best lap or split. I normally run mine in professional mode and create a track for each track i go to. Then i normally pull that track and load it into the rest of our teams alfano’s also.